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Currently, I live in Los Angeles suburbs and I am open for local or travel opportunities anywhere.

I have extensive IT experience in Siebel applications and other full cycle CRM projects. As a Manager at IBM, Accenture, BearingPoint/KPMG Consulting, Arthur Andersen and eLoyalty I delivered into production various CRM applications (Siebel, SFDC, SAP, MS CRM).I am also a member of the CRMJOBS.NET support group My thorough knowledge of, Siebel Object Model and Visual Basic programming enables me to achieve successful results. One of my greatest strengths is an ability to motivate staff to strive for excellence to work together to achieve common goals. Most significant has been my success in turning most commonly used programming tasks into ActiveX COM objects and controls that our group effectively using.

I independently developed a the following ActiveX Controls: that provide some useful and useless functionality.

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You can view some of the my ActiveX Controls and Web programming sites by clicking on that ActiveX image.


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Page updated:   September 14, 2008