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Summary Manager in SalesForce CRM, ActiveX, Web proficient, Visual Basic, .Net, ASP, VBScript, Siebel Configuration, Integration, EAI, eScript, ePricer, CTI, Genesys, HTML, HTML, JavaScript. Programming and hands-on experience in developing database
business applications in MS SQL Server, Sybase, Oracle, Siebel and MS Access using ADO, RDO, DAO, ODBC and Windows API.
Hardware: PC IBM compatible (stand-alone and network)
Software OS: MS DOS 7.0, Windows
Languages: SFDC Force.com, Oracle Siebel scripting, Visual Basic(VB), VB.NET, Access VBA, VBScript, Access SQL, JavaScript, Sybase, Oracle SQL.
Utilities: Norton utilities , Microsoft Visual SourceSafe Lotus Notes MSDN
Databases: MS SQL Server, Oracle, MS Access 


Interactive Solutions Manager (CRM)

Los Angeles, Ca

RM Interactive Solutions Manager - Project Manager administered full life cycle of successful deployment of a SalesForce.com Call Center interface implementation to successfully launch the CRM software
solution by interfacing SalesForce with various external and internal applications using Integration tools and technologies. Coordinated WebServices for
Integration with external systems. Reviewed, Modified and administer Testing in Rational Quality Manager (RQM) Test Suites between Legacies, SAP CRM and Oracle Siebel Enterprise System.


Philadelphia, Pa

alesForce Interface Manager - Project Manager administered full life cycle of successful deployment of a Siebel Call Center interface implementation to successfully launch the CRM software
solution by interfacing Siebel and SalesForce.com for USA and European (EMEA) systems with various external and internal applications using EAI technologies. Coordinated WebServices Security for
Integration with external systems. Reviewed, Modified and administer JIA( Joint Interface Agreements) between Dell' legacies and Siebel Enterprise System. Designed interface agreements with
Remedy software which creates Service Requests and Assets. Managed interface coordination between Dell Order Fulfillment System (OFS) and Siebel for Accounts, Contacts, Addresses,
Agreements, and Entitlement details using Integration between WebMethods, SOAP Inbound and Outbound WebServices technology. Dell


Radnor, Pa

ntegration process with Oracle webMethods - SAP analysis with Oracle Siebel eOil, Gas & Chemicals - E 7.7 application on Product, Price, Account and Order management Integration
components. webMethotds Transport and wM Business services design process flows.  Project business configuration and Architecture data-mapping designs. ExxonMobil
Design and completion of Inventory Management and Purchase Order Modules of
Oracle Siebel Field Service Application. for York International. Configuration of Field Service Preventive Maintenance Engine. York International
Creation of Statement of Work (SOW) for the engagement. Programming VB.NET to access Siebel Application Object Manager through COM Data Server.
Presentation and configuration CTI-Service Request requirements. Insuring auto creation of an emergency Service Request.       Ethicon Endo-Surgery 
Configured Siebel CTI components for multi agent free-seating and Business Services for Integration with Genesys G-Plus Config Adapter. SafeLite AutoGlass
Configuration of Siebel ePricer with Pricing Models with Matrix, Script and Agregate based Pricing factors ColombiaMovil
Created Multi Driver Creation with Siebel 6 .COM applets and Java scripting.(WrightExpress) Wright Express
Created Actuate with e.Report Designer Professional. AIMCO

Senior Developer

Arthur Andersen (Business Consulting Division)
New York, Ny

      Andersen home page

esign and creation of Virtual Business Component with MS VB for integration between Oracle and Siebel
eCRM application( Expanets). Creating application with Windows CE for the Pocket PC with eMbedded VB 3.0.
Configuration of Business Components and Applets for Siebel Service and Sales modules.
Integration of wireless Click/RIM devices for Siebel eMail Response System.
Configuration of Siebel eMail agents profiles, response properties, groups and input arguments
through communication adapters.
Design and configuration of submissions of requests with package items to the Communications Server through a
Workflow Process. Siebel Workflow Processes configuration.
Installation of Siebel .COM application and development of web security settings.
Siebel programming with objects and Business services with WebMethods.
Creation of new reports with Actuate e. Reporting Suite for Siebel Application. Expanets


eLoyalty Company
Chicago, Il
eLoyalty home page

onversion of GMAC's Siebel Financial Services Application Call Center. Analysis and development of CTI and IVR systems.
Programming and implementing the Adaptive CTI driver to ensure seamless integration of extended TNT ("Take back and transfer") functionality
of the Genesys driver with Siebel. Programming with Siebel COM object interface to load data records
Configuration of Applets, Business Services, customization of Siebel dedicated client with the use of ActiveX controls and Siebel scripts. Planning and installation of
Siebel Architecture and Application. Modification of Applets, Business Components with Siebel Tools. Created CTI Teleset Administration ActiveX control for
export of Telesets, Agents and Extensions from Siebel Application to bypass EIM task. GMAC

Maxim Group
Philadelphia, Pa
Maxim Group home page

onversion of Desktop to Intranet based Applications. Developing server VB Script and client side JavaScript pages. Architecture Analysis, design, development, and data validation using Active Serve Pages (ASP), InterDev, HomeSite, SQL Server, and integration into Documentum. Design and develop Data Transformation Services (DTS) functionality to support integration between SQL server and VB. Developed application that provides secure automated process updates to SQL Server from a variety of data sources. User Interface design for JavaScript and VBScript Web pages. Application testing of custom development with Explorer and Netscape browsers.

InfoSystems, Inc.,
Wilmington, De
InfoSystems home page

esign and development of Front-end GUI for Credit Card Balance System. Development of OLE and GUI components in Visual Basic. Modification and creation of Sybase store procedures and dynamic SQL for security analysis. Implementation of reporting system with MS Excel and MS Access report engine. Utilization of database normalization rules. Initialization of back-end VBA application on Access. Writing documentation and manuals for end-users. Developing application for verification of Visual Basic controls such as ProtoView DataTable Sheridan Calendar Widgets for Y2K compliance. Establishing Remote Data Services with DHTML through ADO connection on ASP and VBScript. Building Date Type application with InterDev 6.0. Initialization of DDE connection link to DTSearch application for a string search. Utilizing of MS Word 97 VBA for data validation and import into MS Access Database through DAO.


Aries International Inc.,
Folcroft, Pa 

Aries International Site

evelopment of GUI client/server applications in Visual Basic 4.0 environment. Conversion of data to/from MS SQL Server, ODBC, MS Access Design and development of Front-end GUI for International Freight Forwarding Management System, data validation, and maintenance components. Developed re-usable GUI code/forms in Visual Basic that were used as front-end against MS Access, SQL. Direct contact with end-user. Implementation of forms and reports with MS Access report engine. Utilized Oracle SQL as per customer requests. Created ActiveX utility conversion control "akMeasureX".

Systems Coordinator
BDP International Inc., Philadelphia, Pa
Division of E. I. Du Pont De Nemours Co. Inc.

BDP home page

eported to the Manager of Planning & Logistics, assisted in the development of budget models, maintained database of financial data for inventory, distribution and traffic. Logistical design of filing system for presentation of banking instruments for payment with CitiBank , Wachovia Bank.

Education and Additional information:      
Temple University Philadelphia PA The Degree of Bachelor of Business Administration 1992 Temple University home page
Holy Family College Philadelphia PA C Programming 1992 Holy Family College Emblem
BDP Philadelphia PA Peer Applause Award by B.S.I. testing to maintain I.S.O. 9000 certification. Certified by British Standards Institute 1993 BDP home
BDP Philadelphia PA Completion of Quality Work Group Certification. Quality Education System Award 1993 BDP home page
Compu Source Institute Southhampton PA Diploma Visual Basic, MS SQL Server, MS Access, and Oracle 1997 CSC Institute 
Info Skills Computer Learning Center., Wilmington DE Certificate of Completion for MS Access 1997 Info Systems, Inc (Presently MTM Technologies, Inc.)
Info Systems, Inc (Presently MTM Technologies, Inc.) Wilmington DE Certificate of Achievement; for Visual Basic course completion. 1998 Info Systems, Inc (Presently MTM Technologies, Inc.) home page
New Horizons Philadelphia PA Certificate of Completion for VB 6.0 Microsoft Approved 1013A course. 1999 New Horizons
CorporateU Philadelphia PA Certificate of Achievement in Advanced Visual Basic Programming. 1999 CorporateU®
Documentum Horsham PA Certificate of Accomplishment of Technical Fundamentals for Documentum 4i Course. 2000 Documentum home page
Siebel University Boston MA Certificate of Accomplishment of Core Consultant Course. 2001 Siebel home page
Siebel University Chicago Il Certificate of Accomplishment of Integrating Siebel Application Course. 2004 Siebel home page
IBM Global Services New York NY Certificate of Essentials of Visual Modeling with UML Course. 2004 IBM Global Training Services page
Carnegie Mellon University Washington DC Certificate of Completion of Capability Maturity Model Integration CMMI course 2005 Carnegie Mellon University
SAP Education Virtual USA Completion of CRM Customizing Fundamentals CR100 course 2011 SAP Education

Evaluation by Bookman Consulting Inc., on VB Programming.

Understanding of Subject: Percentile Score: 93
Necessary Knowledge: Percentile Score: 88

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