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Step by step creation of a simple ActiveX control

akSeaCTITelesetAdministration My Siebel CTI Teleset Administration ActiveX Control. This control will load Siebel CTI Teleset users from 3 Business Components and one Business Object
akCityStateFinder My City State Finder ActiveX Control. This control will find cities based on the zip code you enter. The fan part is that you don't DATABASE! It is taken care of for you as long as you are connected to the Web.
akClient2Server My Client to Server ActiveX Control. This control will do string manipulation and convert entire string to responce.write text. This way you can avoid boring job of converting Client string to Server!
akDtMoonX My Date-Time ActiveX Control. This control has current phase of the moon phase for the Pacific Time Zone. It is updated 3-4 times a minute!
akPassX My akPassX control. It will let to send Email directrly from the page. You can drop it anywhere on your form and send email. It is free to use, now. Just let me know your comments. It will also let you know your Login ID
akCustomMsgBox My akCustomMsgBox control is floating on the page. And will show a specified number of msgboxes as set by an array in your source code. It is free to use, now. Just let me know your comments It is using Outlook 98 Object Library..
akolpart My akOLpart control is Mini OutLook Folder Selection. It will launch a selected folder on click. It is free to use, now. Just let me know your comments.
akEncrypt My EncryptX ActiveX Control will encrypt and decrypt password selected by users.

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