Siebel CTI Teleset Administration ActiveX Control by Anatoly Kidder.

In order to run this CTI Teleset Administration Control(akSeaCTITelesetAdministration).
User have to have:
1. Patience. It will take time to load, because it is loading Siebelization!
2. Siebel 2000 Dedicated Application installed.
3. CFG file in proper location.
4. Edit CFG file to set "sample" database as your default DataSource location.
5. Proper Password and Login in this case "sadmin"
6. Microsoft Access Database as C:\Siebel.mdb
7. Internet Explorer has to be set like this. Trust me, becouse I did not purchase security pack for this control.
This control will load CTI Teleset Administration records directy into Access Database
This control will install Siebel Data BusObject Interfaces on your machine.

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